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from $8.00 - $98.80

Full Body, Dark Chocolate, Nutty

Bar Espresso

from $24.00 - $136.80

Full Body, Dark Chocolate, Nutty

Mocha Java

from $8.00 - $141.43

Jack fruit, Floral, Chocolaty, Rich Body, High Acidity

Espresso Decaf

from $9.00 - $125.71

Well Balanced, Roasted Almonds, Woody


from $6.00 - $132.57

Toasty, Roasted Walnut, Full Body


from $6.00 - $132.57

Café Royale

from $25.00 - $142.86

Almond, Red Wine, Dark Chocolate, Full Body

French Roast

from $23.50 - $134.29

Spicy, Woody, Smokey, Full Body

House Blend Single Serve

from $23.00 - $87.40

Our exquisite blend of carefully chosen South, Central American and African beans bring out our house blend’s harmoniously rich flavour. Its underlying tones of chocolate, fruit and nuttiness make it...

West Coast Single Serve

from $23.00 - $87.40

People on the West Coast, or the left coast as they say, are serious about their coffee, so we got seriously flavourful with our West Coast Blend. Full-bodied, and perfect...

Breakfast Blend Single Serve

from $23.00 - $87.40

A unique good-morning blend of South and Central American beans produce a delicious roast with subtle notes ranging from fruity to nutty. A perfect Monday morning wake-up call.

Donut Shop Single Serve

from $23.00 - $87.40

A roast of select South and Central American Arabica beans, this full-bodied blend has a heady aroma, a pleasant flavour profile, and brings the perfect donut shop coffee to your...

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